Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Girls #13: Sexy Brunettes

Everybody has a favorite hair color, or hair colors, in the opposite sex, especially when it comes to women. Everyone has seen the "blonde bombshell" with her thin physique, legs for miles, and perfect facial structure. Of course, she has very blonde hair. We have even all seen the typical mysterious women of sable hair color, and they have left their sultry marks in our minds.

We daydream of the gorgeous blondes and dark-haired women whether we are just young boys or full-grown college students (or, as full grown as one might consider a college student, haha).

But what about brunettes? It seems that they still get attention, but not as much as they should, in my opinion. Brunettes have their alluring qualities just as well as their blonde- and black-haired counterparts, so why not show them a little love with one of these high definition wallpapers?

[Click to Enlarge]

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