Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Games #14: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty is perhaps one of gaming's most successful recent franchises, seeing millions of copies fly out the door on the very first release day of each and every one of their games since Call of Duty 4. Now that they're already working on Call of Duty number eight, you can see how they have made quite a bit of dough on college kids desperate for a good FPS.

Each game switches between developers, from Infinity Ward (known for the Modern Warfare series) and treyarch (known for Black Ops, World at War, etc.). The games are simple, if you don't know them: war simulation. Everyone gets guns, equipment, etc., and you shoot 'em up on the battlefield. Anyone can get into it, so long as they don't mind the violence.

Personally, and on behalf of my good friends I am sure, there is a fundamental problem with Modern Warfare 3. After watching just a few minutes of gameplay early in the release of the game, we noticed it was pretty much exactly like Modern Warfare 2. They really had not changed much up... at all!

My school buddies would like to attribute it to the general lack of creativity Call of Duty developers have -- it would seem that there is quite a bit of similarity between the games released, even back to the beginning of the series. However, Modern Warfare 3's particular similarities issues spawn from Infinity Ward's recent legal issues with former development heads, I believe.

Back during Modern Warfare 2's reign as the leading Call of Duty game, a couple of the head employees at Infinity Ward were caught selling company secrets to competitors -- and they were taken off of the team as a result. Not that I condone what the employees were doing, but it definitely hurt Infinity Ward in the process, both now that the secrets had been sold and because they lost creative minds working on the new game.

However, overall, the game is actually quite enjoyable. Perhaps not worth the $60 I am sure it costs new at GameStop or something, but if you can find it used for $30-$35 from some college student online or something, and you have an Xbox Live connection, then it would probably be a good deal in my book. Until then, though, you can have these lovely MW3 high definition wallpapers.

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