Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Fun-Day #14: Movies

Movies seem to play a huge role in modern society, shaping the way many minds see the world and the people in it -- but how, or even to what extent exactly, is debated. Movies can be art forms, whether they are purely for entertainment or thought-provoking.

The intellectual elite down to the working class revere movies, making them a frequent occasion. So if we are so into movies, why not have a movie wallpaper to go with it? Check out the high definition movie wallpapers below to get something you like. Enjoy!

[Click to Enlarge]

Warning! Maintain Your Distance -- Deadly Force will be Used to Protect this Area
28 Days Later

Flynn on a yellow lightcycle
Tron Legacy

V with a Rose, "If you won't let us dream, we won't let you sleep."
V for Vendetta

"Caution: This is Sparta" with one stick figure kicking another

Enter the Void
Repo! The Genetic Opera

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