Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Music #10: Foo Fighters

I cannot attest for the rest of the world (or even for the rest of the U.S.), but here in the Los Angeles area of southern California, it seems like the rock radio stations will never let a Foo Fighters hit rest in peace. Throwing one on after the other, and sometimes doing this multiple times per day, seems to be characteristic of the stations around here. In between the most recent hip-hop/electronica hits, I can always catch a Foo Fighters song.

The band was formed by Dave Grohl after Cobain's death dissolved Nirvana. Intended as a one-man act, this band has gone through more members than most other bands. There are quite a few songs that have done well for the band, and a cursory glance through the list will bring up some musical memories. Even more of them may be re-discovered through listening to each song, which is not a bad idea if your radio station does not bombard you with them constantly.

Below are some wallpapers for the Foo Fighters, though I cannot promise they are all of the most upstanding quality (apologies!).

[Click to Enlarge]

The "just a few regular dudes" look



Logo, again

Some more cool FF art

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