Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[SPECIAL] Vernal Equinox -- Spring

Depending on which hemisphere you are on (the United States is in the northern hemisphere, along with the rest of North America, Europe, and much of Asia; Australia and the rest of Oceania, southern Africa, and southern South America are in the southern hemisphere), the vernal equinox is the beginning indicator of spring or autumn -- spring in the north, autumn in the south.

"Equinox" means equal night: equi meaning equal, and nox meaning night. This is so because the Sun is directly positioned above the equator, and it spends equal time in day and night during this time. On this day, March 20th, the vernal equinox signals spring here in America, and everyone here knows what happens around spring -- Spring Break in the schools (especially universities!).

So get into the spring spirit with these high definition wallpapers!

[Click to Enlarge]

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