Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Quotes #4: Words to Live By, Part Four

We could always use a little guidance in our lives. In fact, most people seem to need a lot of guidance (and don't be afraid to admit that you might be one of those people)! So this Saturday, we continue along on the Words to Live By series, which brings great quotes to inspire, intrigue, and innervate. For more information on each quote and their backgrounds, check below the thumbnails!

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#1 -- Yuri Gagarin was an incredibly famous cosmonaut from the Soviet Union (modern day Russia), who is identified as the first human in space. He was titled a "Hero of the Soviet Union" despite being in only that single flight to space. He did serve as back-up, however, to a mission which ended in fatalities for the crew. He lived a celebrity life, being highly awarded until his death in 1968 with the crashing of his training jet. He is quoted as saying, "I see no God up here."

#2 -- The character depicted and quoted is Rorschach from The Watchmen, an older comic book set that was recently adapted into a hit film of the same name. Rorschach is caught, de-masked, and sent to prison, where a doctor with a psychology degree tries to "understand" his behavior. [SPOILERS] He explains a story of how he was tracking down a little missing girl, which eventually led to the house of a deranged man who had fed the girl to his dogs. When the man laughs it off and asks to be taken to jail, Rorschach denies him the privilege, and subsequently murders him for his wrongdoings.

#3 -- Oscar Wilde, a writer who truly lived up to his surname, was alive in the late 1800s and was a man ahead of his time. This quote is definitely old, but it channels the essence of the internet community, and its anonymity. This quote is resurfacing faster than ever before thanks to the homage anonymous web-surfers are paying to it.

#4 -- There is not enough information on this quote to accurately give a synopsis of its origins, but it has been largely attributed to John Lennon and Bertrand Russell. Turns out, neither of these famous men said the quote, but instead it resides as a mystery. The quote has turned up long before the times of these people, all the way back to 1911 at the earliest.

#5 -- Henry David Thoreau, the magnificent man who is quoted in the fifth image, is another writer (don't all of the good quotes come from writers? haha!) who was around mostly in the early 1800s. He was well-known for writing about nature, and even including nature quite a bit in his stories that were about other topics. He is regarded as one of the best American writers of all time.

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