Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Girls #15: Anime Girls

Tuesday Girls continues with number 15 in the series -- and this time, it is on lovely anime girls. We bring you high definition wallpapers of these gorgeous women, drawn in the Japanese equivalent of Western cartoons. Anime has been growing steadily in America over the past several decades, taking up much of the enthusiasm previously contained to Western cartoon styles.

As it turns out, anime is based on the comic-book style also from Japan that is know as manga. Manga-style drawing (and its child, the anime-style animation) has been long enough to gain a critical position around the world. Japan today still arguably dominates the manga/anime world, though countries like Korea and the U.S. are beginning to pick up pace.

If you want to get into the anime craze, go ahead and check out some of the beautiful anime women that adorn the high definition wallpapers following this. If there isn't anything here for your particular style, then check our other great categories; I am willing to be we have something for you here at Hi.Def.Walls. ;]

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