Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Games #17: Diablo 3

In just five days, on May 15, 2012, Blizzard will be releasing for everyone the full version of Diablo 3, the long awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed Diablo series. Announced almost four years ago (as Blizzard is absolutely notorious for pushing back release dates over and over), the game has been generating anticipation for regular Diablo fans, and new fans that play other Blizzard games.

In the dark fantasy realm of Sanctuary, a new group of heroes must take up the mantle of their predecessors and save Sanctuary from absolute chaos and destruction at the hands of evil (though, it would seem that "absolute" chaos and destruction would only be one step from their current situation).

If you are excited for the Diablo 3 release by Blizzard, or if you are a new fan to the series, you can be prepared with some excellent, high definition wallpapers:

[Click to Enlarge]


  1. Cool stuff mate, keep on going!

  2. Diablo's story is awesome, but the game is so broken... lovely wallpapers though!