Monday, October 8, 2012

Books & Library HD Wallpapers

Here's something for the academics and the bookworms: some high definition book and library-themed wallpapers. These can be good for a classy, appropriate desktop (such as a more public computer in your house, or in a college / university class room or study).

I find that these sorts of wallpapers can help me study a bit better for my city college classes, since I can get absorbed in the idea of reading and studying! There's about seven of them in total, so be sure to click the "Read more >>" link at the bottom of this post to view all of the wallpapers!

[Click to Enlarge]

A cozy study, perhaps in a nice university?

Studies don't always have to be organized!

Old binding.

I'm sure there's a pun here..

Classy library.

Massive library!

Packed library. :o

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