Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Zoids, know as "Zoido" in Japan, is a massive franchise started by Tomy, a Japanese toy company now operating as Takara-Tomy. The original Zoids were models, much like Transformers were. They're actually pretty cool, since after you build them, you can make many of them walk around or do other cool stuff, thanks to its built-in motorization.

Perhaps the most well-known piece of the franchise is the anime (though, this is definitely arguable). The Zoids anime was successful in both Japan and the United States, garnering show slots on Toonami alongside such popular animes as Dragonball Z and Gundam.

Now these models are often seen as one of many model-building hobbies for college students and the older generation alike.

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  1. wow, i remember zoids from when i was a kid. every morning they would be on right b4 school and after school on toonami. love it. gonna save some 4sure

  2. Damn, nostalgic bro. All those days watching toonami :D