Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Music: Daft Punk

If you have ever seen the Tron: Legacy movie, two things (okay, maybe three) will stand out above all else. The first are the visuals, of course. The movie employs jaw-dropping visual effects and CGI to create a wondrous world inside of The Grid, showing off not only their artistic talent, but their massive budget as well. Olivia Wilde may or may not be one of those things, depending on your tastes (but if it is, she was smokin' in her role), and so the second thing is the music.
Music done by Daft Punk, that is. They are so appreciated that they even make it into the movie (albeit under the masks and guises of robotic/high-technological club DJs in The Grid). The music for the movie was even a huge hit outside of the cinema world, as well.

The band does, however, have a rich history long before the Tron: Legacy movie. Daft Punk has even done their own venture into the world of movies: Interstella 555. The entire movie is played to the tune of Daft Punk, and its definitely something else.

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